"Rainbow Unicorn Rescue"
Kids' Board Game

Ages 4+ | 10-15 minute play time | 2-4 Players

"Rainbow Unicorn Rescue" is an fast-paced, action-packed game that is racking up 5 star reviews. With hidden paths and unique game play, no lead is ever safe!

And our Rainbow Cards mean everyone will have a blast making funny animal sounds along the way.

With two ways to play! (Original and Cooperative Rules), "Rainbow Unicorn Rescue" will be an instant classic in your collection.

How to Play "Rainbow Unicorn Match Game"

"Rainbow Unicorn Match Game" Memory Card Game

Ages 3+ | 10-15 minute play time | 2+

Players"Rainbow Unicorn Match Game" is a fun twist on classic memory match games. Durable cards and playful design make this the perfect game for toddlers on up.

As the first memory match game with wild cards, this is like no other memory game around. The excitement builds as more and more matches get made!

With our adaptive rules, players can adjust the level of difficulty based on their skill level.

Game Bundle

You get the best of both worlds with the Rainbow Unicorn Game Bundle! With "Rainbow Unicorn Rescue" kids' board game and "Rainbow Unicorn Match Game" memory card game, you can have 2 ways to have fun. Perfect for kids and siblings of all ages. 

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Family Pack

Our Rainbow Unicorn Family Pack is the ultimate Unicorn gift for your kids and family! This family pack includes our original board game, "Rainbow Unicorn Rescue", "Rainbow Unicorn Match Game" memory card game and "Rainbow Unicorn Adventure Time" children's book.  

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Ready to Rescue Unicorns?

Dr. No Fun has captured all the Unicorns because they spark creativity and imagination in kids everywhere. Since poor ol' Dr. No Fun has no imagination or creativity, he doesn't think anyone else should either. That's why he's made it his life's mission to capture all the Unicorns, so people can be unhappy, just like him.

But fear not, the Unicorns have a whole universe of friends willing to keep them safe, and always one step ahead of the not so nice Dr. No Fun.

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