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Let's get ready to race!

Dinosaur Rally is a fast-paced racing adventure where players go head-to-head in a mad dash to cross the finish line first!

Roll the 12-sided dice on your way around the track. With hidden paths and special rally cards, this back and forth adventure will keep you and your little ones engaged until the very end.


Play for as long (or little) as you want!

It's a well known fact that kid games go on for far too long. That's why we created the first game that lets you decide how long to play. Whether it's one quick lap before bed, or our recommended 3 laps - or an epic 5 lap Rally race, you can decide what is right for you and your l ittle ones.


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Meet the Crew!

Our Dino Rally crew are on a mission to save the day. Whether they're racing against time, or each other, they're always in the fast lane to help make life easier for all the other dino's in their world.

We believe that by bringing our character to life through games, we can bring families together, and build new memories and connections.

As our game grows, we'll start expanding their world in animation, video games and other toys and games. 

We hope you love Dinosaur Rally as much as we do!

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