Rainbow Unicorn Rescue Kids' Board Game


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Rainbow Unicorn Adventure Time Picture Book


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Rainbow Unicorn Rescue was created by two young sisters (4 + 6 at the time) with nothing more than some scratch paper, a few markers and a whole lot of tape. 

After playing the original until it fell apart, we created one "real" copy to keep as a family memento. And that's when things took off.

What Makes Rainbow Unicorn Different? 
With so many kids' games on the market, Rainbow Unicorn Rescue stands out because of its fast speed of play, unique rules and the Rainbow Cards that require players to make funny animal sounds. 

  • Most games last under 10 minutes
  • Even the person in last place still has a chance to win
  • Players have to make funny animals sounds
  • A game that's actually fun for grown ups!

What Makes Rainbow Unicorn Rescue So Fun?


Rainbow Unicorn Rescue was designed to be fast-paced and action packed from the very beginning.

So many kids’ board games take too long for kiddo’s attention spans; and parents spend more time trying to keep them focused then actually playing.

With Rainbow Unicorn Rescue, games are quick (usually around 10 minutes per game) and filled with twists and turns to keep everyone engaged!

Snort, Bark and Howl

One of the things that makes Rainbow Unicorn Rescue so unique are the special instructions on every Rainbow Card.

In addition to simple direction on where to move your game piece, each card requires you to make silly animal sounds before your turn is complete.

Whether you're barking like a seal, howling like a wolf or snorting like a pig, everyone will be quick to join in on the fun!

Easy To Play

Rainbow Unicorn Rescue was designed by two young sisters (4 + 6 years old), so the rules are simple enough for other young children to play and easily understand.

Our simple rules and exciting gameplay make it so everyone can enjoy rescuing unicorns right away!

With simple counting and vibrant colors, Rainbow Unicorn Rescue helps developing minds, and the funny animal sounds help boost imaginative play.

"Rainbow Unicorn Adventure Time"
Children's Book

Rainbow Unicorn Adventure Time is a picture book designed to encourage imaginative thinking and creativity in young children.

We take readers on adventures that are literally out of this world; from meeting new extraterrestrial friends to traveling back in time to see dinosaurs.

Rainbow Unicorn Adventure Time is filled with 28 pages of action packed adventure. The bright colors and playful illustrations keep children engaged, attentive and curious. And the fun rhymes make the book a playful and exciting read for everyone.


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